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SecureData 5.0 with Innovative 3P Data Protection Engine secures Data against Advanced Persistent Threats (APT) and Sophisticated Malware

Singapore, 11 January 2012 - SecureAge Technology today announces SecureData 5.0, a new release that effectively protects data from Advanced Persistent Threats (APT), rootkit, anti-malware disabler and zero-day attacks anywhere, whether those threats are transmitted over the network, or in cloud repositories.

SecureData is an intelligent, policy-based encryption software that offers a proactive, pervasive and persistent (3P) Data Protection approach which differs from traditional data encryption:

  1. Proactive: Smart and automatic encryption of all data files, thereby eliminating the weakest link - users.
  2. Pervasive: Data files are encrypted in all local, removable and network storage, eliminating the danger of accidental data leaks. This is advantageous against conventional data encryption which is manually managed and restricted to a specific storage device.
  3. Persistent: All data files are encrypted at rest and on the move, eliminating the danger of data sniffing by hackers. Conventional data encryption protects data only when it is within a "container", e.g. a hard disk, but not in transit. SecureData protects and automatically encrypts data at the file level, not just the "container" of the files.

SecureData 5.0
SecureData 5.0 tightly integrates Application Binding and Application Whitelisting with SecureAge's 3P Data Protection engine. This single layer of "Integrated Defense" provides a powerful and resilient means to ward off APTs, low level rootkit, zero-day attacks and anti-malware disablers.

Protection against Rootkit and anti malware disabler
Currently, Application Whitelisting is a popular means of mitigating APT. It creates a list of trusted applications in the user's system which are allowed to run, and prevents untrusted applications or malware from running.

However, Application Whitelisting alone is not sufficient. It can be rendered ineffective in the face of zero-day code injection and low level rootkits, especially if the rootkits are laying dormant at very low levels in the operating system, and hidden from anti-malware or whitelisting engines.

But SecureData, with its tightly integrated Application Whitelisting and 3P Data Protection, is able to mitigate low level rootkit and anti-malware disablers, by automatically encrypting all user data at rest and in transit, such that even if compromised or disabled, data remains encrypted and unreadable by intruders.

Safeguard data from zero-day attacks
Application Binding, another integrated security component, allows users to define the binding of specific types of data or data paths with specific applications. For example, a user can define .doc files to be only readable by Microcoft Word and nothing else. So if a compromised application, for example Adobe Reader, will not be granted access to ..doc files to cause breaches. The user can also use Application Binding to create "sandboxes" of vulnerable applications such as web browsers, restricting data access to specified directories, such that any malware will not be able to access system or other sensitive files.

Advanced Persistent Attack Detection
SecureData 5.0 records all application usage and file access by all users in a detailed log file, providing IT administrators the means to quickly monitor and respond to any unusual activity, thereby reducing data or system breaches.

"APT cannot be completely eradicated due to its sophisticated and persistent nature, but we can definitely mitigate the risks and minimize its damage. SecureData is developed with the ultimate aim to help organizations increase operational efficiencies by protecting their sensitive data against the treacherous malware and prevent disruptive episodes like Operation Aurora, Stuxnet, night dragon, and Operation Shady RAT", said Dr Teow-Hin Ngair, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of SecureAge Technology.

Reducing security risks of cloud computing
In cloud computing, SecureData 5.0 ensures that the user data is always protected everywhere it is moved to, and blocks unauthorized malware from accessing the sensitive data even when the system is compromised. In the event that the data is leaked or exposed, it remains encrypted and safe. Only the person who holds the key can access it. With SecureData 5.0, mobile computing and cloud services users are less susceptible to data leaks and losses, which also minimizes the risk of enterprises and government getting astronomical fines due to violations of regulatory requirements like HIPAA and Sarbanes Oxley or serious compromises in national security.

SecureData 5.0 is available immediately for purchase through SecureAge Technology at

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SecureAge Technology is a developer of unique, innovative and military-grade enterprise data security solutions and secure mail solution (for Microsoft Outlook-Exchange and IBM Lotus Notes). Our unmatched and thought-leading 3P (Proactive, Pervasive and Persistent) encryption solutions ensure your precious data is secured - continuously, at rest, on the move, in all storage media and even when using our cloud services. They are now successfully deployed by numerous governments and large enterprises in the Asia Pacific region with each tens of thousands of users. SecureAge also developed the world's first and only secure cloud storage and backup service Lockcube ( Please visit for more information

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