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LockCube, a Secure Cloud Storage Solution, Now Supports File Sharing with Military Grade Implemented Security

LockCube's newly release secure file sharing feature gives users a total assurance of blissful business collaboration

Singapore, 17 June 2011 - SecureAge Technology introduces two new features, Secure File Sharing and Smart Versioning in the latest version of LockCube today. LockCube is a secure cloud storage solution that allows affordable, fast and easy online backup, access and sharing of any files for all Small Medium Enterprises and home users anytime, anywhere, with any devices.

LockCube secures all remote file sharing in the cloud using SecureAge security technology, which has been successfully implemented and deployed by various military and government sectors in the Asia Pacific Region. These successful testimonies have earned SecureAge Technology the 'Military Grade Implemented Security' accolades for its entire SecureAge solutions, including LockCube. LockCube leverages on its 256-bit AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) encryption and TLS (Transport Layer Security) technology to secure all remote file sharing in the cloud. It fully addresses all cloud storage security concerns by allowing only authenticated LockCube users to share encrypted files with one another. They simply select and authorize a list of other legitimate users whom they wish to share the encrypted files with. Only the authorized intended recipients are privy to the content of the encrypted files. Unauthorized users, including the cloud storage providers, are unable to view and access the encrypted files.

Another LockCube's innovative feature, Smart Versioning uses in-file delta technology to intelligently detect and backup only amended files. It significantly accelerates the uploading time and saves user's storage space since the unmodified files are not replicated. The Smart Versioning feature also supports time-stamping capability that creates versioning of backup folders by specific date and time. The time-stamping capability gives users the flexibility to track and retrieve their previous files. It provides users an avenue to salvage their original file when the updated one has been erroneously amended.

The new LockCube version has replaced its 15-days free trial with a 5GB free storage plan. "We have decided to offer a 5GB free storage plan to allow users an opportunity to truly understand and appreciate the importance of security in all cloud storage solution. It is really sad to see numerous users have been misled into using some cloud storage solution which ended up not being as secured as what it has claimed to be. With cyber criminals lurking everywhere, I hope to instil a security-consciousness in the network and Internet arena for all large to small medium enterprises and even home users", said Dr Ngair Teow Hin, Chief Executive Officer of SecureAge Technology and Chairman of Security & Governance Chapter (SGC) chapter of Singapore Infocomm Technology Federation (SiTF).

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About SecureAge Technology

SecureAge Technology started off by providing seamless application security solutions, data encryption solutions and security appliances for governments and corporations. Over the years, our accumulated experience has helped us to gain a foothold in understanding the security needs by various governments and corporations. Based on this understanding, we have innovated, enhanced and further expanded our security solutions to safeguard enterprise network infrastructure and servers. And now, we also provide secure cloud storage solution for enterprises and even home users.

SecureAge Technology is currently a global leader in data protection solutions. Our security solutions are now successfully deployed by numerous government and large enterprises in the Asia Pacific region. In order to meet the diverse business needs of various organizations, we have expanded our business, spanning across United States, Japan, Taiwan and Singapore.

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