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SecureAge Announces Availability of LockCube App for iPhone and iPad

New LockCube App features cloud storage with military-grade security ideal for individual users and SMBs

Singapore, 28 August 2012 - SecureAge Technology, a data protection solutions provider, today announced the release of LockCube App for the iOS platform, a secure cloud storage that allows business users on the move to access their mission-critical files through their iPhones and iPads.

Developed in Singapore with a military-grade security, LockCube enables files to remain continuously encrypted as they travel over the Internet and while they are stored in the mobile devices or on LockCube cloud storage, giving users peace of mind knowing that anyone who attempts to view the encrypted files can only see undecipherable content.

LockCube is a secure and affordable cloud storage service that allows users to back up, restore and share their files anytime, anywhere and with unlimited access, paying only for the storage requirements they use. It is also an ideal service for small and medium businesses (SMBs) that require a secure offsite backup and immediate restoration of data when disaster strikes. The new LockCube iOS app also supports Windows and Android platforms.

Proven military-grade data security
LockCube App for iOS is built on a proven military-grade data security infrastructure deployed for more than 20,000 military personnel and governments across Asia. While other cloud storage providers secure data transmission over the Internet with just SSL/TLS (Secure Socket Layer/Transport Layer Security) technology, which makes data in transmission still vulnerable to potential sniffers using man-in-the-middle attacks, LockCube goes a step up by also encrypting individual files with 256-bit AES (Advanced Encryption Standard).

The strongest encryption standard in the world today against brute-force attack, 256-bit AES is certified for use in protecting secret level data by the U.S. government and the Department of Defense.

"Unlike many other cloud storage providers, LockCube provides file level encryption. Based on our many years of security experience in the government sector, only file level encryption provides genuine protection of users' data," said Dr Teow-Hin Ngair, chief executive officer at SecureAge Technology and chairman of the Security & Governance Chapter (SGC) of the Singapore Infocomm Technology Federation (SiTF).

With file-level encryption, hackers, sniffers and insiders cannot access the file without the user's decryption key. "Many cloud storage providers claim that they encrypt users' data automatically, but when you truly study their security architecture, they only encrypt users' data at the server via full disk encryption. Full disk encryption only encrypts the entire disk or server but not individual files. It is like a bank vault with the door wide open, and once the users' data travel out of this bank vault, it becomes unprotected and vulnerable to intruder attacks," added Ngair.

File-level encryption. LockCube automatically encrypts individual files with the user's encryption key so users do not have to consciously remember to manually encrypt each and every file. It ensures that individual files get automatically encrypted by the user's encryption key before they leave the client machine, remain encrypted as they travel over the Internet / network, and even while they are at rest in the servers.

User's encryption key is not stored in the server. Unlike other cloud storage providers, a LockCube user's encryption key is not stored at the LockCube server, as indicated in the LockCube Terms of Service. Since users safe-keep their own keys, hackers or even SecureAge's employees are unable to read their encrypted files without the authorized users' decryption keys. For instance, a government subpoena that orders the surrender of the user's data will only expose files with unreadable content.

Secure and easy access. The LockCube app for iOS allows any business user with an existing LockCube account to immediately access their files on the go. The user can securely access sensitive enterprise information anytime by logging into LockCube App on the iPhone or iPad. It comes with a friendly user-interface (UI) that does not require any esoteric technical knowledge at all. Users can also choose to download the files to their iOS devices for offline reading. As all the downloaded files remain encrypted at the iOS devices, even if the users have misplaced or lost their iOS devices, they do not have to worry about someone else viewing their files.

A newly added feature, SecureDrive is the world's first encryption utility in the cloud. Besides announcing LockCube app for iOS, an encryption utility, SecureDrive, has also been added to the LockCube Cloud Storage Service. SecureDrive is a value-added option for users to either rapidly backup voluminous data or promptly restore critical data during disaster recovery via a removable media (such as a USB flash drive or an external hard disk), with the help of the LockCube team. SecureDrive automatically encrypts all files that are copied to a removable media so users will have peace of mind knowing that the LockCube team - when performing file backup or restore - is unable to view the encrypted files without the users' keys.

LockCube App for iPhone or iPad is now available for free download from the iTunes store. To experience the unique benefits of LockCube, visit To find out more information about SecureAge and its products, visit

About SecureAge Technology

SecureAge Technology started off by providing seamless application security solutions, data security solutions and security appliances for governments and corporations. Over the years, our accumulated experience has helped us to gain a foothold in understanding the security needs by various governments and corporations. Based on this understanding, we have innovated, enhanced and further expanded our security solutions to safeguard enterprise network infrastructure and servers. And now, we also provide secure cloud storage solution for enterprises and even home users.

SecureAge Technology is currently a global leader in data protection solutions. Our security solutions are now successfully deployed by numerous government and large enterprises in the Asia Pacific region. In order to meet the diverse business needs of various organizations, we have expanded our business, spanning across United States, Japan, Taiwan and Singapore.

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