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Data Security on the go with SecureAge's New LockCube App for Android

Singapore, 23 April 2012 - SecureAge Technology today announces LockCube App for Android, a native application for the Android smartphone and tablet platform. The new app works seamlessly with the LockCube cloud storage platform to provide data encryption and security for cloud storage and access.

With the new LockCube App for Android, business users can now easily and securely access or download mission-critical and sensitive business documents from LockCube cloud storage to their Android smartphone or tablet without any hassle or the need for esoteric technical knowledge at all.

LockCube App for Android secures data at rest and in motion
LockCube App for Android is a mobile cloud storage service with proven military grade security. It leverages on 256-bit AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) encryption and TLS (Transport Layer Security) technology to securely upload and download any files (such as Microsoft Office documents, PDFs, Contacts, videos, photos and songs) anytime and anywhere.

During any upload, the data is automatically encrypted before leaving the Android device and is continuously encrypted as it transmits over the network until residing at the LockCube server. Likewise, when the data is downloaded from the LockCube server to the Android device, the data remains encrypted on the smartphone or tablet repositories. This is known as end-to-end security technology that ensures only authorized users with the right encryption key are privy to the content of the data. Any intruder or trespasser will not have an avenue to sniff for valuable data around the public network, from the cloud storage or from the device.

"We have been studying the network and data mobility landscape for quite some time and determined that it is important to provide data security for enterprise business users on the move. LockCube App for mobile device provides them with easy and secure access to confidential information wherever they are. Even if the mobile devices are lost or misplaced, business users can have peace of mind, knowing that no one else can access the sensitive data without their encryption key," said Dr Teow-Hin Ngair, Chief Executive Officer SecureAge Technology and Chairman of Security & Governance Chapter (SGC) chapter of Singapore Infocomm Technology Federation (SiTF). "Enhancing LockCube service is part of our on-going effort to provide a premium secure data storage and sharing platform for small and medium enterprises. We will be releasing better features for Android devices and launching other mobile platforms in due course."

Easy to use
The LockCube app for Android features a highly streamlined user interface (UI) that any business user can use it immediately with an account on LockCube. The user can securely access sensitive enterprise information anytime by logging into the LockCube service on the Android app.

LockCube Cloud Storage
LockCube is a secure cloud storage service for any business user to securely back up and share any files anytime, anywhere, with any devices. It is highly affordable as users need to pay only for the storage requirements they use with unlimited access.

LockCube is the ideal service for small and medium enterprises that are seeking a secure and cost-effective off-site backup and immediate restoration of data when disaster strikes. It provides file backup with unlimited versioning that allows users to quickly recover corrupted or accidentally deleted files without worrying over losing their critical data.

Business users can also share encrypted files with their selected co-workers, counterparts, friends and even family. Only the intended recipients are able to use their own encryption key to access the encrypted shared files.

Please download LockCube App for Android on Google Play (formerly Android Market, at The app is available without cost, and requires an account on LockCube. To experience the unique benefits of LockCube, please visit To find out more information about our company and products, please visit

About SecureAge Technology

SecureAge Technology is a developer of unique, innovative and military-grade enterprise data security solutions and secure mail solution (for Microsoft Outlook-Exchange and IBM Lotus Notes). Our unmatched and thought-leading 3P (Proactive, Pervasive and Persistent) encryption solutions ensure your precious data is secured - continuously, at rest, on the move, in all storage media and even when using our cloud services. They are now successfully deployed by numerous governments and large enterprises in the Asia Pacific region with each tens of thousands of users. SecureAge also developed the world's first and only secure cloud storage and backup service Lockcube ( Please visit for more information

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