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SecureAge LockCube Revolutionizes Cloud Storage Security With Its Direct Disk Mounting Capability

LockCube allows users to securely access the cloud storage as a normal network drive, which can also be mounted as a local drive.

Singapore, 06 January 2011 - SecureAge Technology launches its secure cloud storage solution, LockCube today. LockCube safeguards all remote access to the cloud. It leverages on its 256-bit AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) encryption client to automatically and transparently encrypt the data with the user's secret key before uploading to the cloud. The encrypted data is then securely transmitted via SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) or TLS (Transport Layer Security) technology. The military grade implementation of LockCube ensures complete protection of user's data with the highest level of security.

LockCube revolutionizes cloud storage security with its direct disk mounting and on-the-fly encryption capabilities. Users can access the cloud storage as a normal network drive, which can be further mounted as a local drive on their computer. It behaves like any other normal local drive in which users can store, backup, edit, save, copy, drag and drop files and even perform a search function via desktop explorer. The only difference is files that are stored on this mounted drive are automatically encrypted with the user's secret key without user's intervention. Only authorized and authenticated users, who hold the right encryption key, are able to effortlessly decrypt the encrypted file by simply clicking on it. The entire encryption and decryption process is so seamless and transparent that users are not even aware that it is happening. Since the user's encryption key is never transmitted to the server, users' concern over potential insiders attack by the cloud operator can be put to rest.

When users are working on any of their files over the mounted drive, traces of temporary files will only be created on this mounted drive. Hence, users do not have to worry about leaving behind trails of sensitive data on the local drive of their computer.

LockCube is not just any other cloud storage solution. It is a secure online storage solution that gives enterprises a fast, smart and secure way to backup, restore and access their data anytime and anywhere, by using any devices. LockCube's in-file delta technology enables users to quickly and securely backup voluminous data on a regular basis - even if they are using a low speed Internet connection. Users who have access to high speed fibre network (Next Generation Nationwide Broadband Network) will reap the most benefit as they can transfer up to 500 GB (Gigabytes) of data per day at a very high speed and at a very low cost. Hence, users no longer need to wait for a very long time to completely download and decrypt the entire file before viewing or editing. It cuts down considerably on their frustrations over significant waiting, especially when downloading very large files like zip files, database files and videos. They can choose to play any part of the video right away without having to wait for the entire downloading and decrypting to be completed.

LockCube uses a comprehensive suite of authorization formats and authentication techniques to prevent potential impersonation of user's identity and sabotage of sensitive data stored in the cloud. With such secure architectures in place, users can blissfully and securely store, backup, restore and share unlimited sensitive data, photos and even videos via LockCube. It allows users to define a list of authorized personnel whom they want to share their files with and the extensiveness of their access level. Users can also choose to make a collaborative effort with their authorized counterparts to securely access and work on a particular data.

Our ultimate mission is to fully secure your sensitive data that are stored in the cloud. We will go the extra miles to custom built additional LockCube's security capabilities to specifically meet your business requirements.

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About SecureAge Technology

SecureAge Technology started off by providing seamless application security solutions, data encryption solutions and security appliances for governments and corporations. Over the years, our accumulated experience has helped us to gain a foothold in understanding the security needs by various governments and corporations. Based on this understanding, we have innovated, enhanced and further expanded our security solutions to safeguard enterprise network infrastructure and servers. And now, we also provide secure cloud storage solution for enterprises and even home users.

SecureAge Technology is currently a global leader in data protection solutions. Our security solutions are now successfully deployed by numerous government and large enterprises in the Asia Pacific region. In order to meet the diverse business needs of various organizations, we have expanded our business, spanning across United States, Japan, Taiwan and Singapore.

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