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SecureAge unveils Cloud Security Solutions For Enterprises at EnterpriseIT, CommunicAsia2010 Singapore

Cloud Computing have become increasingly popular among enterprises and small, medium businesses alike. The benefits are compelling but enterprises and home end-users often face the problem of data protection in the cloud. How can we ensure that data is protected in the cloud?

SecureAge introduces SecureAge Suite of Cloud Security Solutions, which offer enterprises total data encryption and integrity control of their sensitive corporate data in the cloud. SecureAge Cloud Security Solutions represent a new generation of affordable, comprehensive solutions for Cloud and Secure Remote Access Security Solutions that allow users to securely transfer, encrypt and store their data located in the cloud.

As cyber threats become more malicious and sophisticated each day, SecureAge Cloud Security Solutions offer a granular and persistent data protection strategy against such malicious threats. SecureAge gives organizations maximum protection over their data by automatically encrypting all files written to the cloud storage before they are transmitted over the network. SecureAge Cloud Security Solutions help to safeguard data in the cloud so that enterprises can fully embrace the benefits of the cloud without having to worry about cloud security.

To find out more about SecureAge Cloud Security Solutions, visit us at CommunicaAsia2010, EnterpriseIT BOOTH 3A1-01.

About CommunicaAsia2010

The CommunicAsia2010 Summit will highlight infrastructure technologies and how to leverage on these to increase profitability. The four-day Summit will feature a balance of mainstay business and technology issues. Delegates can look forward to exciting conference topics like Mobile Services and Business Models, Network Enablers and Architectures, Satellite Communications Forum, Green Telecoms, Mobile Marketing and Advertising, Mobile TV and Entertainment, IPTV, Next Generation Broadband.

About SecureAge Technology

SecureAge Technology offers a comprehensive package of superior end-to-end data protection solutions that includes cloud data security, email security and endpoint security. The SecureAge suite of data protection solutions and products helps organizations secure their desktop applications, Internet access and remote access to their enterprise networks from any devices and applications worldwide.

With a team of experienced technical professionals, SecureAge Technology has developed a stronghold in delivering full-strength encryption security solutions with high availability, reliability, scalability and flexibility.

SecureAge endpoint data protection solutions help governments and corporations to protect top secret, highly sensitive and confidential information, to prevent data leaks, and to achieve regulatory compliance and audit standards.

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SecureAge Technology

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