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Data Protection and Compliance

SecureAge Security Suite

SecureAge SecureDisk

Data Security is a strategic imperative for any enterprise today. Data Leakage of your highly confidential and sensitive information to competitors can be devastating to businesses and organizations. In our highly connected world today, it is critical to ensure that all mission critical information that is digitally stored is secure.

SecureDisk creates and manages secure disk volumes on your laptop, workstation, and network server. These secure disk volumes behave just like any local disk volume, except that they come with real time, automatic encryption or decryption, enabling easy management of sensitive information. With SecureDisk, your secure disk volume is fully protected and cannot be tampered with even if the storage device is compromised. Without the decryption key, no intruders can gain access to the disk.

SecureDisk safeguards you and your data further with an added layer of protection by erasing the file names of your data files and ensuring that your secure disk volume will disappear from the Window Explorer completely.

Key Features

Allows Secure virtual disk encryption on any storage devices or file systems
  • SecureDisk volume can be physically stored in any Storage Devices like your local Hard Disk, removable media (USB Flash Drive, CD, DVD, Blu-Ray, External Hard Disk etc), NAS storage, or any other network storage. Any Data transmitted on the network is also encrypted, giving you full confidentiality over your data.
  • SecureDisk volume can also be physically store in any File System. eg. FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, CDFS, Nwrdr, MrxSmb, etc, allowing you to keep cost down further by utilizing your existing infrastructure.
2- Factor Authentication
  • Ensures maximum security through 2-Factor Authentication. Provides seamless integration with PKI smart cards and USB tokens, allowing users to cut cost and use their own trusted security devices.
Allows Data sharing
  • With PKI, SecureDisk allows users to share files, allow access or deny access to other users to the SecureDisk Volume.
  • Supports dynamic grouping of users' access rights

Key Technical Features

Encryption Algorithm
  • Supports highest level of encryption using 256-bit AES or Triple-DES
User Defined Encryption Algorithms
  • Allows integration of your own trusted proprietary algorithm, further boosting the security of your data.

Operating System
Supports all Windows platforms (Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1)

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