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Secure Cloud Storage

Secure Cloud Storage. Backup and Share Any files, Anytime, Anywhere, with Any Devices. Sign up for a free 5GB account now at or download the product brochure or white paper.

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What is LockCube?

LockCube is a cloud storage service with a military grade security implementation. It securely backs up and shares any files (such as Microsoft Office documents, zipped files, pdf, videos, photos and songs) anytime, anywhere, with any devices. It is scalable, affordable and most ideal for Small Medium Enterprises and even home users as they only pay for what they use, based on their storage requirements.

LockCube leverages on its 256-bit AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) encryption and TLS (Transport Layer Security) technology to secure all remote access to the cloud. All data are fully authenticated and encrypted before leaving the client's machine and remains encrypted while transmitting over the public network to the cloud storage. It also ensures that only authorized users are privy to the content of the data by using a comprehensive suite of authorization formats and authentication techniques. Hence, users can have peace of mind, knowing that intruders or trespassers no longer have a chance to sniff for valuable data around the public network or from the cloud storage.

What Makes LockCube Unique?

Fast and Secure Backup of Large Files

LockCube provides in-file delta technology which allows fast, secure and regular incremental backup of large number of files, even over a low speed Internet connection. Users who have access to high speed fibre network (Next Generation Nationwide Broadband Network) will get the most benefits out of this smart technology. They can enjoy daily backup of voluminous data size of up to 500 GB (Gigabytes) at a very high speed. Users can also make use of LockCube's in-built scheduler to define a specific time and date to backup their desired data. This saves them the troubles of effecting backup manually.

Smart Versioning

With in-file delta technology, LockCube's innovative feature, Smart Versioning is able to compare, detect and backup only amended files. Hence, it significantly accelerates the uploading time and saves users the hassles of manually selecting only edited files for backup. It also saves user's storage space since the unmodified files are not replicated.

Smart Versioning also supports time-stamping capability that creates versioning of backup folders by specific date and time. The time-stamping capability gives users the flexibility to track and retrieve their previous files. It provides users an avenue to salvage their original file when the updated one has been erroneously amended or deleted.

Secure File Sharing

LockCube secures all remote file sharing in the cloud by allowing only authenticated LockCube users to share encrypted files with one another. They simply select and authorize a list of other legitimate users whom they wish to share the encrypted files with. Only the authorized intended recipients are privy to the content of the encrypted files. Unauthorized users, including the cloud storage providers, are unable to view and access the encrypted files.

Direct Disk Access

LockCube allows users to access the cloud storage as a normal network attached storage (NAS) drive. This storage can be further mounted as a local Z: drive on your computer which behaves like any other normal drive. You can drag and drop files and even perform a search file function on this mounted drive via desktop explorer. Hence, you can access this mounted drive to directly store, backup, open, edit, save and copy any of your data just like a local drive in your computer. All the data stored in the mounted Z: drive are automatically encrypted without any users' involvement. Furthermore, it also allows existing backup software to seamlessly backup enterprise data to the cloud storage without any modifications. This provides users a quick and painless migration of the enterprise data backup process to LockCube cloud storage.

On-the-fly (Real-time) Encryption

LockCube enables automatic data encryption and decryption. All data are automatically encrypted with the user's secret key before uploading to the cloud storage. Authorized and authenticated users, who hold the right encryption key, are able to transparently access the encrypted file by simply clicking on it. The entire encryption and decryption process is so seamless and automatic that it does not require user's involvement and the users are not even aware of it.

No Trace of Temporary Files

After LockCube has mounted a local drive on your computer, users can directly open and edit any of the files stored in this drive. Since editing and saving of the files are done directly on the mounted drive, traces of temporary files will only be created on this mounted drive and not on the local drive of your computer. Hence, users do not have to worry about leaving behind trails of sensitive data in the computer.

Instantaneous Access to Encrypted Files

LockCube allows users to open or modify any types of files instantly. You do not have to wait for the entire file to be completely downloaded and decrypted before viewing or editing. This saves you the hassles and frustrations of significant waiting time, especially when accessing very large files like zip files, database files and videos. You can simply choose to play any part of the video straight away without having to wait for the entire downloading and decrypting to be completed.

Maximum Flexibility For Users' Access

LockCube provides maximum flexibility for users to access their data stored in the cloud storage. It supports web-based https interface, whereby users can directly access the data using any devices with any web browsers.

Flexible Customization

Our accumulated years of experience have made us truly understand the diverse business needs of various enterprises. Since your cloud storage security is our utmost concern, we will work closely with you to custom built additional LockCube's security capabilities to meet your business requirements.

Other Benefits

  • Enterprises will enjoy huge savings in their capital outlays due to streamlining of advanced hardware, servers and databases for storing data.
  • Users are able to access their data from any location at anytime by using any devices with a web interface.
  • Business travellers no longer need to carry around a physical storage device like a USB flash drive or an external hard disk.
  • Enterprises are able to cut down on IT support. Their IT departments can then spend less time on deployment and focus more on strategic initiatives that are revenue generating.

Key Features

  • Military Grade Security Solution
  • Support default 256-bit AES data encryption and unlimited key length RSA.
  • Support latest security standards including TLS encryption and compression.
  • Secure Storage Drive Mounting
  • Cloud storage can be mounted as local drive.
  • The drive is accessible by any existing application just like a normal local drive.
  • Fast, Secure and Scheduled Backup
  • In-file Delta Technology allows fast and secure regular backup of large number of files even over a low speed Internet connection.
  • In-built scheduler allows users to define a specific time and date to backup data.
  • Smart Versioning
  • Automatically detect and backup only amended files to reduce the uploading time significantly.
  • Versioning of backup folders by specific date and time to give users the flexibility of tracking and retrieving old files.
  • Secure File Sharing
  • Enable users to share encrypted files with one another.
  • Only the intended recipients are privy to the content of the shared encrypted files.
  • Unlimited Storage Size
  • Users can enjoy unlimited storage space based on their actual requirement.
  • Scalable and Affordable
  • Dynamic scaling of storage space and pay only for what you use.
  • Smart, secure and efficient option for remote backup and storage for enterprises and home users.
  • Smart and Easy-to-use
  • Support any web browser.
  • 5 GB Free Secure Storage
  • Enjoy 5 GB free storage with military grade security.

Optional Features

  • Built-in 2-factor Authentication
  • Using mobile phones and PDAs as authentication devices.
  • Support Smart Card / Token Authentication.
  • Enable the creation of sub-users.

Free Account

  • Enjoy free 5GB storage plan perpetually.
  • Enjoy the same military grade security and benefits as paid subscription.
  • Sign up now at

Paid Subscription

If you love the power of LockCube after using the free account, sign up for a paid subscription now! We provide several affordable plans that meet your requirements. If you need more than 1 TB storage, please feel free to email us for more information.

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