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SSL VPN Appliances


In our highly connected world, your office is where you are. Be it home, in the airport or at a cafe, customers, colleagues and partners constantly need access to your business anywhere, anytime. With the threats of virtual trespassers lurking everywhere, organizations need a reliable security solution to ensure that any information accessed remotely is secured. SecureAge SSL VPNs provide highly secure remote access to mission-critical resources from virtually any end points including desktops, laptops, PDAs and smartphones.

SecureAge SV3000 SSL VPN is a reliable, easy-to-deploy remote access security solution that will give you maximum protection. It leverages on the well-established SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) technology that gives you the most robust and integrated solutions to secure all the remote access to your corporate network.


Clientless Secure Remote Access
  • Supports all standard applications incl. web, email, FTP, Remote Desktop, file sharing etc
  • Supports streaming applications including VoIP, Video on-demand etc
State-of-the-art Security Solution
  • Supports latest security standards including TLS 1.1 and DTLS 1.0
  • Supports default 256-bit AES and unlimited key length RSA
Fine Grain Access Control
  • Highly flexible split tunneling access
  • Different level of access for different users, authentication levels, and client environments
Built-in 2-factor Authentication
  • Uses mobile phones and PDAs as authentication devices
  • Protection against key logger and Trojan horse on public terminal access
Industrial Strength Security Appliance
  • Hardened OS, protection against buffer overflow attack
  • Standard 1-U size for easy hosting
End-Point Security
  • Central control to enforce end point security
  • Creates firewall for user machine on public networks
Transparent “Webification” Technology
  • Access email and network files via standard browsers
  • Access multiple web sites with a single SSL / TLS link
High Performance
  • Supports more than 10,000 concurrent users and 1Gbps throughput rate
  • Supports sophisticated authentication and access control configuration
  • Default TLS compression to optimize network bandwidth
Easy To Deploy
  • Integrates directly into enterprise authentication infrastructure
  • No changes to any applications or network infrastructure

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