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Intranet Point-to-point Encryption


SecureNetguard is a point-to-point network security solution that secures all network transactions and communications with 256-bit SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) and TLS (Transport Layer Security). Apart from protecting the existing clients and servers for large enterprises, it also provides two-way certificate authentication to ensure the authenticity of both the communicating machines. It completely eliminates the threats of potential hackers, sniffers or man-in-the-middle attacks from penetrating the enterprise network and stealing mission-critical information.

SecureNetguard comprises of two major components, namely, SecureNetguard Client and SecureNetguard Server.

SecureNetguard Client

SecureNetguard Client is usually deployed in the user's machine with the client software. It protects the online information and transactions transmitted over the enterprise network with full-strength SSL/TLS security. It could also be downloaded automatically as a Java applet for web based deployment.

SecureNetguard Server

SecureNetguard Server can be deployed on the server machine itself. Like the SecureNetguard Client, it protects all incoming requests and outgoing traffic with full-strength SSL/TLS security.

Key Features

  • Enables secure communication over any computer network between any two computer terminals.
  • Full strength security using 1024/2048/4096-bit public key and up to 256-bit encryption algorithms.
  • Developed in the latest Java technology for flexible multi-platform support.
  • Protects protocols like HTTP, FTP, telnet, SMTP, IMAP, POP3, SMB/CIFS, etc.
  • Smart card and HSM support for certificate and key storage.
  • Supports X.509 digital certificates.
  • Able to run in GUI (Graphical User Interface) or non-GUI mode.
  • Easy to configure.

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