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Secure Infrastructure

SA CryptoKit

SA CryptoKit is the ideal comprehensive library of COM and Java-based toolkits that provides application developers a flexible and convenient way of incorporating security features into their applications.

It serves as the solid security foundation for enterprise and web applications like secure web, digital document signing, secure email and data security. It comprises of a complete set of cryptographic algorithms and secured communications protocols that can fulfill all the developers' existing and future security requirements.


SA CryptoKit Prime

SA CryptoKit is made up of cryptographic algorithms that are stored in easily integrated software libraries. These libraries contain one core component, SA CryptoKit Prime, which lets developers build applications and add other features.

SA CrytoKit Prime constitutes essential elements like ASN.1, BER/DER and Base64. These are needed to interact with other PKI components, and caters to security requirements, such as enabling PKI applications or adding security features.

It is also a reliable cryptography component with extensive data encryption and signing algorithms like RSA, DSA, Diffie-Hellman, AES, DES, Triple-DES, RC4, RC2, MD5 and SHA-1.

SA CryptoKit Prime allows applications to interoperate with multiple existing PKI products that support PKCS and PKIX standards. It provides the necessary tools to enable applications to operate within a Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) and to implement Digital Certificate systems with strong cryptographic algorithms.

Complementary Component


SA COM API helps software developers leverage on SecureAge security functionalities without having to deal with low level cryptographic libraries. COM API allows an application to manipulate encrypted and signed documents without having to worry about key storage or certificate management.

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