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Security Appliances

Data Diode Gateway

SecureAge Data Diode Gateway

SecureAge Data Diode enforces one-way data transfer in hardware, and is impenetrable to software attack. It is an appliance solution designed and built to securely transfer documents across different networks connected via Data Diodes. It provides a one-way trust-nothing controlled interface for any isolated security enclave that requires network communications capability and absolute assurance against data leakage.


Secure and Efficient Document Transfer
  • Securely and efficiently transfer documents across different networks connected via Data Diodes
  • Documents are packaged in pre-defined XML templates
  • SOAP compliant web services are used to authenticate client applications
  • SA Netguard application establishes a 2-way authenticated, compressed, TLS tunnel between the client application and the Diode Gateway
PKI-based Document Encryption
  • Session key encrypted by recipient Diode Gateway's RSA key
  • Supports default 256-bit AES and user-defined symmetric key algorithm
Document Security
  • XML template verification
  • Document type control (PDF Parser, MS Document Parser, Text Parser, etc.)
  • Malware scanning
Efficient Handling of Documents
  • Split / merge for large documents, prioritize documents, resending, compression
Security Audit Logs
  • Each log entry is chain-hashed using SHA-256 to prevent tampering
Web Administrative Console
  • Easy to configure Diode Gateway via web-based console
Hardware Configuration
  • Hardened OS, firewall, High Availability (HA)

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