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SecureAge Connects (A bi-monthly e-bulletin)

SecureAge Connects is a bi-monthly e-bulletin aiming to share with you the unique features of our solutions as well as the latest market and technological trend of data Security. Please feel free to give us some feedback as your valuable comments count.

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SecureDocument Media

SecureAge Digital Rights Management (DRM) is a proven platform that allows you to send sensitive electronic documents to third party securely. It allows the user to protect electronic documents with expiry date deliver content for playback on computers, portable devices, and network devices.



SecureData (SecureDs) is a file encryption system that prevents data loss and data leaks of sensitive personal data and valuable enterprise information assets. It transparently encrypts all user data files that are stored at any local, removable and network storage devices.


Regulatory Compliance

It is crucial for organizations like you to comply with the mandatory regulations. SecureAge Technology can help you to comply with these regulations.


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