Protect Your server and backup data from unauthorized access

  If you Google "Server Data Security", there will be much information returned for your consideration. Apart from preventing a denial-of-service attack, the biggest consideration for security of servers is the sensitive Data therein - and judging by today's situation - lots of data.

We spend lots of money and resources on IT security products and practices to protect our precious data. However, we still come across media reports on issues about data leakages, data theft etc - and the victims are large organizations including government departments. They have all the money and resources to ensure comprehensive and robust IT security ... so what are we missing?

One age-old concern about the security of servers, is the prevention of the data stored in there being viewed by an over-zealous or busy-body "super-user" system administrator. There are some tools out there that try to prevent this, including a host firewall. But so far the attempts have been cumbersome or impractical. It is also quite hard to implement full-disk encryption on a server, or backup, or for that matter, cloud services.

How Do We Ensure Data On The Server And Backup (Including Tape) is
Protected from unauthorized access?

Imagine a simple, yet robust (military-grade) solution which automatically encrypts your data in the hard disk. It continues to be persistently encrypted (hence protected from any prying eyes) - even if the data (and I mean file /folder, not whole hard disk) is copied out, or sent across the network, or backed up (including tape), or sniffed in the network, or hijacked by a hacker, or even when placed in cloud services. No solution out there today does this.

No more worries about losing the tape, or the backup server being hacked, or any infra glitch ... and above all, no more worries that the system administrator doing the backup and server maintenance, will (inadvertently or otherwise) see the sensitive data ...

An ultimate data security solution that will truly benefit all System Administrator, Finance, HR, R&D (intellectual property), legal, etc.

The answer is SecureAge SecureData - the ultimate in data protection.

~ by Anthony Lim
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